Nau Mai Haere Mai ki Te Ara Hā Ora the National Māori Tobacco Control Leadership Service.

The purpose of Te Ara Hā Ora is to work with Māori to take action to eliminate tobacco from Māori communities. To achieve this goal we grow local, regional and national leadership, increase communication and enhance collaboration across the country. Te Ara Hā Ora is dedicated to ensuring that Māori are strongly represented in local, regional and national tobacco control initiatives, especially in regards to policy development opportunities. 

The name Te Ara Hā Ora or pathway to the breath of life for all - a life free of tobacco by 2025 was developed through a collaborative process between the late Amster Reedy, a number of Aukati Kaipaipa providers, and other Māori community members. It is our aspiration to uphold the legacy of Amster and honour his long-time involvement in the tobacco control sector.

Want to STOP smoking now? Take “the tobacco not my tikanga” journey with support from these Māori services in your area: Aukati KaiPaipa

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