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Exploring representations of Māori and smoking in national media

Māori, the Indigenous peoples of Aotearoa New Zealand, continue to present with disproportionately high smoking prevalence. Investigating the impact of recent media representations of Mäori who smoke may increase understanding of the cumulative pressures that maintain Mäori smoking. This study aimed to explore representations of Mäori and smoking through examining a sample of online media from 2010 to 2015 on this topic.

Pregnant Women

Helping Māori pregnant women stop smoking

"The health risks of smoking during pregnancy are well known but research shows that Maori pregnant women are not getting the help they need to quit."

Smoking push to quit for baby

"PREGNANT women and indigenous Australians are being targeted in a new anti-smoking campaign that comes a month before all cigarettes have to be sold in plain packaging."


New indigenous program finds culture key to overcoming addictions

"There's a strong relationship between cultural identity and addictions intervention in indigenous people, according to new research. "