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Govt should raise tobacco taxes by up to 50 per cent: smoking opponents

Zoe Martin-Hawke says "taxes are the foundation policy that anti-tobacco organisations could use to improve quitting rates”. "It gets people thinking about quitting, it moves people into accessing services more." However, for there to be a more effective strategy, other approaches and services need to be delivered alongside. For example if the taxes finally convince whānau to quit, there needs to be the support services ready to cater for their needs.

Follow the Leader - The door is now open

Australia. The bonds between New Zealand and Australia were forged on the battlefields of Gallipoli and many other conflicts thereafter. We share a special relationship. Like any relationship we have had good times and bad times. This is especially true in the sports arena and besides rugby union it would be fair to say that Australia comes up tops.  Australians have a deep embedded will to win at all costs. These issues aside, one thing we really admire about Australia is their willingness to take on big tobacco.

Ruia taitea kia tū ko taikākā – If it’s bad, get rid of it.

Nicotine. We have all heard of it. But what is it really? It is found in many plants, especially those of the nightshade family. With a name like deadly nightshade it provokes thoughts of an extreme poison, however, the nightshade whānau also includes plants such as the tomato, potato and the capsicum. A single cigarette contains over 4000 chemicals many of which are especially toxic, one of the chemicals within a cigarette is nicotine.  Nicotine at low levels is seemingly harmless; however, nicotine’s addictive properties is what keeps us going back for another puff on that cigarette.

Licence to ILL

Tobacco is responsible for killing 6 million people per year and is therefore for a highly regulated product. Despite being such a dangerous product many communities we work with are very surprised to hear that there is little regulation regarding who is able to sell tobacco. In fact, our communities were even more surprised to hear that it is the tobacco companies themselves that decide who can sell their tobacco.

Te Ara Hā Ora Kaiwhakahaere

Nga mihi matakuikui o te tau. It seems that most of us are back on board and now that the kids are back at school we can now get back into our normal routine. It is with a heavy heart that I acknowledge those in the sector who may have been unsuccessful in reaching the Ministry of Health’s RFP stage for delivery of regional cessation services. He toi piki, he toi heke, ka ara mai anō te rā. Mauri ora ki a koutou.

Te Ara Ha Ora Communications Lead Mason Ngawhika interviewed by Te Karere

An interview on Te Karere by the Te Ara Ha Ora Communications Lead Mason Ngawhika. He is encouraging us to be creative in our future approaches as well as encouraging our government to continue and increase the tax increases in the coming years.

Native Affairs - A Single Issue

Nearly 20 years ago, the Government made it illegal to sell single cigarettes.

That law change meant that cigarettes could only be sold in packets of 20 - and for good reason.  It's to make them too expensive for kids to buy. 

But some dairy owners are openly flouting the law selling cigarettes one at a time.

The illicit sales have outraged a group of young Māori women who are campaigning to stop the practice.

They've taken the first big step by exposing the trade.  Native Affairs followed them as they went undercover to expose this illegal practice.

Māori women praised for filing complaint against the selling of single cigarettes

Auckland Regional Public Health Services (ARPHS) has praised a trio of young Māori women for taking a stand and filing a complaint against a West Auckland dairy owner selling single cigarettes.

Smokefree Pāpā Postcard

Te Ara Hā Ora are continually receiving emails requesting copies of our Smokefree Pāpā postcard resource. This resource is a great way for Smoking Practitioners to begin the conversation with Hapū Māmā to consider quitting smoking for the sake of their baby. However, the beauty of these resources is that they are directed towards the father who has a major supporting role in assisting māmā to be smokfree throughout her pregnancy.

If you wish to download this resource click on the images below.




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