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E te iwi huri noa i te motu, tēnā koutou katoa, in this issue of Pū Kōrero, we talk to Faye Selby Law, Kaiārahi of Te Ohu Auahi Mutunga (TOAM) a Stop Smoking Support Service


What is the main role/s of your service?

Smokefree Cars Toolkit

Smokefree Cars Tool Kit: A guide for local health promoters and community members has been developed as a resource to support health promoters and community groups to advocate and promote smokefree cars within their communities and region.

Smokefree Retailers toolkit

Tobacco-free Retailers Tool Kit: A guide for local health promoters and community members has been developed as a guide to support health promoters and community groups to advocate for their local tobacco retailers to become tobacco-free.

Naida Glavish Update:

As we all know there continues to be a gap between Māori and non-Māori smoking rates.  Everyone needs to do their part to change the current situation. There needs to be legislative measures put into place and there needs to be co-ordinated local action, great health promotion work,  advocacy and innovative cessation services across the motu. There is some good work being done by the sector and we need to keep this going, let’s not lose momentum.

Tuning In – Te Hapai Hauora Hour

Tēnā koutou

Here are a number of tobacco related stories that we covered on 'The Hapai Hour' over the last few months.

The Hāpai Hauora Hour – National Maori Radio Waatea Broadcast live from The Whānau House o Waipareira. – Tuesday 16th June 2015 - Hosted by Rangi McLean.

We spoke to Fay Selby-Law who spoke about their Aukati Kaipaipa service. They have a menu of services for their people to use.


He Kaiārahi - Guide our people to other services

When working with clients who are trying to quit smoking, it is unavoidable that you will recognise that some of your clients and their whānau will require ‘other support services’ over and above smoking cessation. In nearly all of our interactions with Aukati providers we are hearing the same comment. We need to also be offering services around nutrition, exercise, budgeting, education services for children, etc. Unfortunately the prevailing view is that if a client can not get the support they need under the same roof, then they will never go to that service.

Where are our champions?

We need champions at all levels we often look to an influential politician, a well-educated professor or a charismatic tribal leader for direction. And although these people can make a huge impact, the people who can also contribute to change are our parents, our rangatahi, our  whānau. When a parent decides to give up smoking for the sake of their whānau, or decides to stand up in their marae to ask for a tupeka kore iwi plan they are expressing leadership.

Collective Impact

There are literally dozens of whakatauki that symbolise the importance of unity and working together.

Ehara taku toa i te toa takitahi, he toa takitini My strength is not the strength of one, but the strength of many

Whakapūputia te manuka kia kore ai e whatiPlace the manuka sticks in a bundle and they can not be broken

He totara waahi rua, he kai nā te ahiThe totara tree that become split will become food for the fire

Oranga ki Orakei

Best Practice - Oranga ki Orakei

Te Ara Hā Ora paid a visit to Pauline, Harriet Kaihe and Delwyn Tumahai of Orakei Health Services - Aukati Kaipaipa to see what they have been up to. All three wāhine toa whakapapa to the pā at Orakei and are passionate about helping their people and their community.

Supporting our whānau to quit smoking can be a difficult and challenging task. This is a challenge that Pauline Thompson - Kaimahi at Orakei Health Services - Aukati Kaipaipa - understands all too well.

Young smokers taking a stand to support New Zealand to reach a smokefree 2025.

3 young Māori UNITEC students who are current smokers have united to form a consumer action group to support the journey towards the government supported goal of a smokefree New Zealand in the year 2025.  

Arnia Tamihana – Simich says “I am a current smoker who knows that if I had never started I would be richer. The amount I have spent on cigarettes could have paid for my degree”

Plain Packaging - Māori Party are congratulated - Press release

Te Ara Hā Ora the National Māori Tobacco Control service congratulate the Māori party for their public support of plain packaging. Zoe Hawke the Manager of the service states that “Hon Tariana Turia was the champion of a smokefree 2025 goal and now the new party leaders are continuing her work, this is commendable”


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