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Bullying techniques of the tobacco industry revealed.

This YouTube clip shows how the tobacco industry works to destroy the health of indigenous communities all over the world.

It is a humorous but very REAL look into the marketing techniques of the tobacco industry and how they bully countries who want to protect the health of their people.



Interesting results from our facebook competition

We ran a quick competition on our facebook page where we asked smokers simply "What would it take to get you to quit smoking?"

The feedback from our competition was fascinating and there were some very interesting findings.


Presentation by Te Ara Hā Ora on māori smoking rates

Otago university summer school 2015 presentation by Te Ara Hā Ora (Zoe Hawke) on Māori smoking rates, strategy and call for building political support through community action. Download a copy of the presentation below.

Tobacco still a ticking time bomb for Māori and Pacific

māori smoking rates

Newly-released statistics show Māori and Pacific smoking rates have fallen considerably in New Zealand, but national tobacco control services say there is still plenty of work to do.

Farewell for Minister Tariana Turia

Te Ara Hā Ora were delighted by the sector turnout at Pipitea Marae for the farewell for Minister Tariana Turia. An opportunity to say good bye to Tariana attracted a range of people from the sector from AKP and other Māori services to Pacific services, researchers, and public health workers. Attendance showed a great appreciation for the tobacco control work undertaken by Tariana.

Māori, Proud and Smokefree

Winnie Tanginui knows the effects smoking has on an unborn child which is why she quit smoking during both pregnancies. Through Quitline, Me Mutu, Winnie is now represented in the decreasing Māori smoking rates and enjoying her status as a proud Smokefree Māori.


Funding available NOW for local not-for-profit organisations, hapu and iwi organisations in the Gisborne/East Coast or Manawatu/Whanganui regions – close off date for applications June 30th. The application is for between $5000 to a maximum of $35,000.The attached file contains more information aswell as the application form. 

Template submission for plain packaging

An editible version of the below is attached as a word document.


Ki te kahore he whakakitenga ka ngaro te iwi
Without foresight or vision the people will be lost

Submission on:
Smokefree Environments (Tobacco Plain Packaging) Amendment Bill

Submission on behalf of:

Taxation plus cessation support needed

New research has recently been released highlighting the impact of tobacco excise tax on smokers. While leading Maori tobacco control agency Te Ara Hā Ora applauds the release of any data on tobacco control, there is concern that tobacco excise at the current level is not increasing Maori quit rate as fast as it could. "Currently this level of tax is creating an inequality of smoker outcomes" says Zoe Hawke of Te Ara Hā Ora.


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